The project is a self-initiated app design to track emotions like a game.
this project came about from my deep love of facial expression and microexpressions: in a sense, the notion that a person feels sad because the person looks sad. When a person is triggered to feel something, the facial muscle moves in a choreographed way to express it, and this is both genetic and instinctual. 
With the research, I developed an App idea to analyse and keep track of our emotions based on how we look. 
WTFeel is an advanced facial-recognition system that could do some good deed for the users.   

According to researcher Paul Ekman, there are six major traits of emotions: sadness, anger, disgust, happiness, content and surprise. Our face uses different muscles to express these emotions, most notably visible around the eyes and the mouth. There are certainly much more emotions than the above six, and many of them are mixtures of one, two or three of the major emotions. 
By recognising the different muscle movements through our phone cameras, or through photos, the users will be able to better understand what they are feeling. They will be able to learn new words regarding their own emotions, or find out something entirely different about themselves.  

User Specification
it would be easy to target users who 'have smarthphones,' but I wanted to dig a little deeper. Who would benefit most from WTFeel? 

My target user would be teenagers who have smartphones, because adolescence is the most confusing time of a person's life, both physically and mentally. It is often the case that a person does not recognise the emotion they are feeling. As I said, we are capable of making much more than six types of emotions, and we cannot possibly know all the words to them. In some cases, emotions are misrepresented as something more basic, such as thinking a 'saudade' (deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent) feeling as just 'sad.' This lightens the seriousness of an emotion and prevents the user from understanding their own emotions and how to deal with them. 

WTFeel can give the user a specific analysis of an emotion to broaden their knowledge of human emotions. I hope WTFeel can not only be fun, but also informative. 

User goal & journey


The Look
in a sense, the theme of the colours were 'diverse,' to signify different aspects of emotions our face can express. I stayed on the brighter side of the colour spectrum to give a fun and lighthearted feel, while picking as many colours as possible.

choosing the typeface for the UI design was also very important. The type had to be fun, yet legible, since it had to be fun and informative. 
Created with Figma

Further development
In the end, I don't see WTFeel as a stand-alone app; rather, it would serve best as an extended feature of an existing app, such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. 

My goal would be to develop the project further to be added to one of the aforementioned companies, so WTFeel would reach more people and serve more purpose. 

Karen Jiyun Sung
All Rights Reserved 2019
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