Graphic Research

Scribing, Visual Facilitation, Graphic Minutes

Scribing, or visual facilitation, is a notetaking method where the artist visually captures the lectures or discussions during the event. It is implemented in a variety of events such as symposiums, executive meetings, lectures or inhouse presentations. 

I was invited to meetings hosted by Erasmus-funded Project meetings, corporations such as Toyota and the NHS, and various Universities. My task was to capture the discussions as reminders of the event to the participants. And the visuals were digitised and vectorised to be used as visual representations in future marketing. 

Take a look at the sample scribes below. 

Homelessness and pets

I was invited by University of Nottingham to visualise the interviews of homeless individuals with dogs. Some were evicted because of owning a pet, some were rejected from admitting to the shelter because of their dogs. But no one would let go of their best friend and partner.
My challenge was to create single illustrations for each of the highlighted sentences from the interviews. And the images needed to communicate the feeling of the interviewees.
The illustrations were used as Graphic Abstracts, news articles and as various social media marketing.

Take a look at the sample image below.

Creative Leadership

I worked with Rama at Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design to create visuals to represent Creative Leadership. The visuals needed to make clear distinctions between Creative and non-Creative characteristics in leaders. The visuals were used in Leadership workshops for Executives, which were highly praised and was seen as ‘memorable.’ The visual is also going to be used in Rama’s upcoming book on Creative Leadership. 

Take a look at the images below.

Ageing in a Vertical City: Hong Kong Polytech x Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Royal College of Art and I collaborated on a project called ‘Ageing in a Vertical City.’ The project was aimed to find new solutions to help with the retirement facilities in Hong Kong.

I was asked to create visualisations that explained the day-to-day activities of the participants and ‘show’ how their everyday would be transformed. The images were then used in the Project Exhibition to explain the innovation to non-specialist audiences. The visuals greatly reduced the words people had to read, and made the exhibition much easier to understand.

Take a look at images below to see the illustrations and the exhibition.

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