A big and important part of my work consists of large-scale illustrations. I have been striving for an alternative destinations to illustration other than the conventional printed media; I wanted to make work that can interact with the physical space and people. I plan to make much more than what I show you here, so stay tuned!! 
Design for the mural for ADJ Business Solution
The brief from ADJ Business Solutions required a mural that depicts the various Creative Sectors that the firm works with. ADJ strives to support the Creative Industry with appropriate financial advice, thus it was important to capture the vast variety of what constitutes as ‘Creative.'
My work strives for simultaneous narratives in one uniform composition. My solution to the brief was to depict as many Creatives as I can, with the main focus on ADJ's actual clients; professionals in diamond cutting, drag queens, rugby players and reflexology considered themselves as 'creative.' The final work became a conglomerate of these professionals existing around ADJ, the square logo.
Alongside the main mural, here are a few others for the same office:

Live Drawing at West Carolina Fashion Launching Event 

I met Ana, the founder of West Carolina, a while back at a mural competition. We quickly became friends are started talking about some sort of collaboration. "Why don't you come to my launching event? Then you can see for yourself what I do," she said; this gave me more reason to like her. 
I went to the launching event, and there it was, her work and her belief. I could clearly understand what she was trying to express and I wanted to communicate her message a big clearly... and make the space more fun. 
Thus I started drawing, and the audiences quickly became fixated on what I was doing. Uh oh... sorry to steal the spotlight Ana! But she didn't mind - I was capturing what she wanted to show me. 

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