DAYMARK: A daymark or a day marker is the daytime identifier (attached signboard) of an aid to navigation (ATON) or daybeacon. Generally, the daymark conveys to the mariner, during daylight hours, the same significance as does the aid's light or reflector at night.

DAYMARK is a student-to-startup project to build a physical and digital system to navigate through the coastlines of Britain. This page showcases the physical aspect of the project, with the presentation design that lead to a 20k pound funding. 
The project is underway with its first 10 navigation 'sculptures' manufactured in Porticuno. 

Skills Used
Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator
Why it matters
DAYMARK project came to the team through the Royal College of Art. The founder approached us with an idea: to build a navigation system around the coastlines of the UK to promote attractions to rural cities. 
The team decided to make a system for the physical world and one for the virtual world: to make monuments to signify the united coastline navigation system that integrates with an app to mark, share and learn about different coastline points. 

User Profile & goal 

My Role
My role as the visualiser was to explain the core issue and to propose solutions to the problem.
I first explained the need for coastline navigations for the hikers of Britain through a brief comic (seen above) with a proposed shape of the object. This explained the surprise and joy of finding such objects in nature and the desire to interact with it. The shape of the object was derived from the 'pinch' sculpture that interacted with the land the most. 

Presentation samples
Karen Jiyun Sung
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