Karen Jiyun Sung
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(Almost) American 
(Could be) British
(Once was) Kiwi  
Hello, this is Karen Sung and I am a charismatic collaborator who is passionate about visual communication and illustration. I enjoy working collaboratively to deliver the best result in a given time frame. At the same token, I deliver high quality data visualisations to precise deadlines with flexible time frames. I am currently looking for new opportunities to utilise my visualising abilities.
My collaborations include companies such as Hitachi Rail, Imperial and Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design where I participated in multidisciplinary teams to deliver innovative solutions to unquestioned problems. There, I lead the team in bringing the information collected to life and telling the story in a way that is clear, fun and engaging. This helped communicating our solutions to both within the team and to the outside audience.
During my spare time, I draw journalistic and caricature illustrations to deliver news in visual and entertaining manner. I also practice Taekwondo as a black belt.
Specialties: Visual scribbling, storyboarding, Infographic design, Wall Illustration, Editorial Illustration, Journalistic Illustration, Live scribing

Please feel free to contact me with news or opportunities, thank you.

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