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My name is Karen and I am an illustrator, educator and researcher (in order of importance) living and working in the United Kingdom.

I am an illustrator.

I am an illustrator, first and foremost! I make images that represent the feeling of immigrating and being multicultural, both physically and psychologically. I want to show what it feels like to be not quite boxed in and the joy or strain that comes from it. Strangely – or naturally? – the more illustrations I make of this theme, the more stories I gather to illustrate this more diversely.

Of course, I welcome collaborations with others who want to showcase the kinds of work I make.

I am also a researcher in illustration.

I am also a fan of learning and getting down to the roots of things. So I received a PhD in Creative Arts in 2024 from Loughborough University on using illustration for social storytelling. I dived deep into such fun-seeking questions as what exactly is illustration? why do people need images? why do people draw? how is it different from text? and why is drawing not as widespread as writing is?

I try to share my readings, findings and perspectives on my blog. Check it out!

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