Hello! My name is Karen.

I am an illustrator; I give ideas, data and stories a face.
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Headlines are too brief to get the full picture. A full article is too long to remember. An image captures the essence of the news and makes it memorable.

Illustration is a visual representation of ideas, news, trends and opinions. I summerise the most important concepts from your news and share it as an image.


Some data are vast and very difficult to share. Some conversations are too important to be left as a scribble on a note. 

Visualisation is a visual depiction of data or discussion. I capture the highlights, memorable moments or important viewpoint to ‘show’ what you mean. 

Urban Sketching

Delightful moments exist in the most unexpected moments, and by the time I recognise it, it is gone. 

Urban Sketching is an on-site drawing community, who takes off to make drawings to capture the surrounding and the every day. My urban sketches aim to capture ‘delightful discoveries’ around my environments. 

About Me

Under the umbrella-term of ‘illustrator,’ I wear many hats. I can also call myself a researcher, educator, artist and designer.

Deep down, they all reflect my passion to share ideas through images.






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